“We are on a mission to help parents have a more positive experience of birth, the postnatal period and early parenting, whilst supporting  those that are or who have experienced difficulties”


 Due to Covid-19 we have restricted our website to only show the services, courses and workshops that we are currently offering, via our online course platform,
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Our Mission


We’re here to be a part of the motherhood renaissance, to change the way we view, nurture & support new mothers. To mix ancient wisdom with the latest clinical practice in mothercare & postnatal recovery. To create a safe space for mothers to be seen, heard & celebrated, in what is one of the most life-altering & profound transitions in a woman’s life. 

Birth Trauma

We offer support to anyone who’s pregnancy, birth or postnatal experience is impacting on their emotional wellbeing, their relationships or ability to parent. We offer 3 Step Rewind Therapy, but we can also support your recovery (and that of your partner & baby) in more holistic, indirect ways too. We link with a number of other professionals that may also be able to help.Parenting is the greatest job in the world but it is also the hardest.


We are continuously bombarded through social media and those around us about the kind of parent that we ‘should’ be.  We empower new parents to find their own parenting flow, tuning into their babies and trusting their instincts. We have a realistic view on parenting and are here to offer support through the highs and the lows too. We offer a space where parents don’t have to smile or pretend to be strong every minute.

We support honest, open conversation and offer practical, holistic support and services, focused on you and your baby, rather than the needs of the many.

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