Birth Trauma


Or perhaps you have experienced a traumatic event during pregnancy or the postnatal period?

Transitioning to parenthood, recovering postnatally and life with a new baby is hard enough. What if on top of that, you are struggling emotionally and physically to come to terms with your birth experience or something that happened in the antenatal or postnatal period?

Some new parents will process the experience in their own way, given time and the right support.


For some, the feelings associated with a difficult or traumatic birth remain. 

They can experience anxiety, hyper-vigilance, flashbacks and nightmares which make it harder to enjoy, bond and care for a new baby. It can seep into other areas of life too, affecting relationships, friendships and even professional life at upon returning to work.

Do you attempt to avoid all reminders of the birth or situations where birth might be discussed, leaving you feeling lonely and isolated? Perhaps you feel no one can understand or relate to your experience.

Would you describe your birth experience as difficult
? or traumatic 
If you would like to move on and  you feel the time is right...... then I can help you.

If you are ready to find out more I 

offer a FREE 30 min Zoom Call - get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Alternatively, please feel free to email or send a message via text or WhatsApp with your questions.

What is 3 Step Rewind Technique

This technique releases the feelings associated with the birth or other traumatic event so that it is possible to look back and remember with neutral feelings. The birth or event(s) can still be remembered but it no longer provokes anxiety or triggers a trauma response 
Involves 3 Stages
  • Hearing your story (if you wish to tell it) and gaining an understanding of the changes you would like to experience once the trauma symptoms have been lifted.

  • Deep relaxation. Remembering the event in a specific way whilst feeling safe.

  • Imagining the future and responding differently.

An average of 2- 3 sessions is usually required to release the trauma feelings so you can move on with your life and fully enjoy your journey into parenthood.


You will receive a recording of a personalised guided imagery to listen to at home following the first session.

You can find out more information about what happens in each session here.


Who can be treated?


I treat women, birthing people and their partners at any stage during pregnancy and postnatally (with no time limit after giving birth) & health professionals who require short term emotional wellbeing support to overcome anxiety & symptoms of trauma. 

Location and cost

As we continue to find ourselves in precedented circumstances all therapy and support will continue to be offered via Zoom.


I would like to assure all potential clients that therapy via Zoom has proven to be equally as effective at lifting trauma symptoms as face to face sessions.


30 min Initial appointment is FREE

1 hour session - £40

1.5 hour session - £60

Payment plans are available on request


I ask for 24hrs cancellation notice or the full session fee will be required.

Disclaimer: I offer a short-term form of psychological therapy. If we come to the conclusion during the process that other help is needed, I will of course refer you to another care provider (NHS & Private).

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