** COVID-19 Update March 2021 **

I am unable to offer any in-person support or visits due to Covid-19, however, I offer a range of virtual services.

Postnatal Planning Appointment

Unsure if you need in-person support? Want to know how to prepare for postpartum and ensure you have everything in place to optimise your recovery and enjoy your new baby? 

During a 1.5 hour 1:1 session we will look at various topics including what to expect, how to care for yourself physically, nutrition and what support you might need to compile a postnatal plan that is individualised for you.


We can also incorporate some Information on caring for baby, feeding, safe sleep, what to buy, use of reusable products..... or whatever else you feel you might need to know.


As part of the planning session you'll also receive a Postnatal Recovery Starter Kit (one of our New gift boxes!) and a booklet filled with a recipes all the info we cover during the session.

Postnatal planning sessions can be done in-person or via Skype.


***Due to Covid-19 - currently only available via Skype or Zoom***

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Postnatal Doula & Independent Health Visitor

Although what I offer leans towards that of a postnatal doula (I offer practical and holistic types of support), I am also able to offer some medical advice (within my scope of practice), assess your emotional wellbeing and do things like weigh your baby or refer you/your baby to other professionals if needed. I am a qualified Health Visitor and Children's Nurse and fully insured to offer this level of service - if required.


I'm here for you from as early as when your baby is born and for as long as you feel you need me. 

I can help with and advise you on things like baby care, feeding your baby, feeding you or filling your freezer with nutritious food and looking after your baby so you can rest or have a shower. I'm here to listen to you as you reflect on your birth and can offer support if your birthing experience was difficult or traumatic. 


I am also available to you via WhatsApp and email in between our visits.