Mama Kind Postnatal Bath Tea/Soak

Mama Kind Postnatal Bath Tea/Soak

A bespoke, hand blended herbal mix, designed to heal your body after birth. 

Key ingredients and their properties

•Plantain• this has been used medicinally for many years, it has both soothing and astringent properties making it perfect for post natal bods.

•Comfrey• is used to treat bruising, sprains and other damage to connective tissue. This herb will ease pain and help to heal your bruised and sore skin.

•Yarrow• is a type of styptic, which can help to stop bleeding when it is applied to a wound. It can also be used to treat UTI’s.

•Calendula• more commonly known as the marigold. It has strong astringent, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This herb is great for gently cleansing damaged skin. 

•Nettles• is another type of styptic herb, they also have an anti-inflammatory effect on any swollen tissue.

•Raspberry Leaf• these are widely known for their astringent and toning properties.

•Lavender• soothing and cleansing, with a relaxation inducing scent.

NOT RECOMMENDED TO BE USED IN PREGNANCY OR BY CHILDREN - why not try the oak soaks instead.