Moon & Stars Gift Box

Moon & Stars Gift Box

Baby Moon & Stars Box makes a lovely gift for a new mum with a few essentials to support recovery in the early days.
The box contains:
	Reusable Breastpads 2 pairs
	Hottea Mama Newborn Wonder or Milks Up Teabags
	Pattie & Co Muslin - Stars or Stripes
	HeartStrings Moon & Star Cord Tie
	Viti Mum Vitamin Sachets
	Pebblechild Teal Elephant Rattle
	Mama Kind Peri spray
	Mama Kind Bath Tea

Custom Orders Available - contact us: for more information and cost.
  • Cord Ties

    Instructions on how to tie and care for the cord tie are included in the box.

  • Bath Tea Information

    Key ingredients and their properties:

    •Plantain• this has been used medicinally for many years, it has both soothing and astringent properties making it perfect for post natal bods

    •Comfrey• is used to treat bruising, sprains and other damage to connective tissue. This herb will ease pain and help to heal your bruised and sore skin.

    •Yarrow• is a type of styptic, which can help to stop bleeding when it is applied to a wound. It can also be used to treat UTI’s.

    •Calendula•  more commonly known as the marigold. It has strong astringent, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This herb is great for gently cleansing damaged skin. 

    •Nettles• is another type of styptic herb, they also have an anti-inflammatory effect on any swollen tissue.

    •Raspberry Leaf• these are widely known for their astringent and toning properties.

    •Lavender• soothing and cleansing, with a relaxation inducing scent