What Happens at Each Session

3 Step Rewind Therapy

Session One:
Step One (90 minutes)

  • Hearing your story (should you wish to tell it) without judgement and/ or gain an understanding of how what happened to you is still affecting you.

  • Begin to understand the changes you would like to experience if you were free from those feelings and symptoms. What would life be like if you could choose?

  • Practicing of a relaxation technique, with a recording to take home.

Session Two:
Step Two (60 minutes)

  • Using a process called Rewind to gently guide you back through the memory of what happened in a way that breaks the connections (neural pathways) that are triggering the feelings and symptoms. This part involves deep relaxation so you are not re-triggered by the memory.

  • Experiencing your goal state and rehearsing new feelings and ways of responding

Session Three:

  • Step Three (60 minutes)

  • Checking back in and rescaling the symptoms

  • Strengthening boundaries

  •  Planning for a better birth next time

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